A Peek At The Love Guru Slot

The themes that online slot games are based on stem from a variety of different places. Some of them speak to the classic slot games found in traditional casinos and make use of fruit, BARs and sevens. Others are based on some of the biggest movies of the time, as is evident in The Love Guru slot. Drawn from the 2008 movie of the same name, this colourful online slot game incorporates several different aspects of the film. Below, you will find a breakdown of the slot game, including the symbols used, the structure and any extra features that players can expect from it.

The Love Guru Slot Basic Structure

Most online slot games are centred on a basic structure that doesn’t drift too far away from that of other games of this kind. A lot of the time, it is best to keep the structure of the game simple as it means that players will very easily be able to dive right in and start playing the game, something which is an important factor when considering the fast pace at which games like The Love Guru slot moves. This particular online slot game, like many others, has five reels and 30 paylines. However, the number of paylines aren’t fixed and can be reduced simply by clicking the ‘line’ button as many times as the player would prefer to.

How To Win

The mechanic of The Love Guru slot game is quite simple. Like with almost every other online slot game, the player needs to land at least three matching symbols in a row. Players should pay special attention to the character symbols, as these are the ones that yield the highest values. Guru Pitka, the main movie character played by Mike Myers, is worth a whopping 1000 coins, should players manage to land five of these symbols in a row! The other character symbols are each between 300 and 800 coins, while the lower ranking symbols are represented by standard playing card symbols.

The Autoplay Feature

Online casino games like The Love Guru slot were designed to make it easier and more convenient for players to enjoy. However, perhaps the most supreme form of convenience takes the shape of the autoplay feature. Instead of players needing to press the spin button each and every time they wish to spin the reels, they can simply select the autoplay feature. This will automatically spin the reels for however long the player wants it to. Furthermore, this gives the player of putting down a certain amount of credit and then sitting back and relaxing while the game plays itself and reaps plenty of rewards.

Popular Movie Themed Slots

This was an incredibly popular movie when it was released, so it certainly comes as no surprise that The Love Guru slot game is one that players enjoy so much. With a combination of simplicity and surprise, this online casino game has all the makings of a classic slot machine that has stood the test of time.