King Arthur Slot Game Details

King Arthur Slot Game Details for Online Casino Players

Few great stories are as well known as the King Arthur legend, which is recognisable across the world in almost every country. With the powerful Excalibur at his side King Arthur united the lands and brought fortune to all in his kingdom, helped by a mysterious wizard named Merlin. The Holy Grail was his ultimate quest, and upon finding it King Arthur found true greatness. The story has been told in movies, books, and now in a well made slot game by Williams Interactive.

The visual presentation of the King Arthur slot game is highly impressive, despite the fact that it is starting to get along years. With appearances by King Arthur himself, his wizard friend and the sacred cup, everyone will immediately feel as if they are part of a grand adventure. The symbols animate upon being matched, which certainly adds to the production value of the game, and the bonus mini-game is as unique and innovative as could be asked for. Let’s have a closer look at this exceptional slot game.

Game Play Features

The King Arthur slot game uses a fairly standard 5 reel, 20 betting line system. The betting line are manually adjustable via a button on the user interface, which is a huge plus for those players who enjoy a strategic, hands on approach.

The slots game also has a highly unusual feature called reverse play, which is one of the more innovative systems you are likely to see in a game this decade. By selecting the option the player will be paid out for spins that result in a loss, as apposed to a traditional win with matching sequences. This means that a skillful player may win off both winning spins and losing spins, assuming they are exceptional at predictions. It’s an amazing idea that the game makers deserve much credit for.

King Arthur Casino Slot

Innovative Bonus Systems

Like many slots in Australia at, there are a number of innovative and unique special features in the game, including a wild, a double wild, and two mini-games. The standard wild symbol is shown as the wizard Merlin, who will match with all other symbols, except for other wilds and the scatter symbol. The double wild is shown as King Arthur, and will not only payout double for matching sequences it creates, but will also match with itself for enormous jackpot payouts.

The first mini-game is triggered by matching Camelot caste. A small bonus will be paid, after which a second window will open. Arthur must get to Camelot, and depending which entrance he takes dictates the payout. The player can select for Arthur to turn left or right on this journey, aiming for a bigger payout entrance. There is a chance, however, that player may get nothing. The second mini-game is triggered by matching the scatter symbol, shown as the legendary sword in the stone. Depending on how many swords the player may extract, the final bonus payout will be bigger. Who knew Arthur got so rich pulling Excalibur from stone repeatedly? The King Arthur slot game is available on home computer, mobile, and tablet.