Why Betting On A Draw Is A Major Opportunity

It is common to see sports enthusiasts arguing for hours over which team will win a particular match. But, it is far less common to hear anyone even mention that betting on a draw is also an option. Why? This often overlooked alternative tends to be almost entirely forgotten, but also happens to be the smart choice in many circumstances.

Of course, the majority of punters tend to simply follow their heart when it comes to putting down money. They have a favourite team, hope that the team will come out on top, and put down money as a show of support. But any punter that stops to think about it may just come to an interesting realisation; the odds of a stalemate are drastically more lucrative, making the option a resoundingly better deal.

Determining Outcomes

Bookmakers will spend understandably vast amounts of time considering the odds when it comes to teams. They will research the underlying factors for countless hours, looking into statistics, following the performance of star players, and more. Taking these factors into account, reasonable odds of one team winning over the other will be generated.

Significantly less time is extended on deciding whether the game will or won’t be a stalemate. In fact, most of the time the odds assigned to a tie aren’t even updated over time. The numbers are simply left stagnant, even as other odds are adjusted according to influencing factors.

This reality should all be taken into account, given that, on average, roughly a quarter of professional soccer games end in a tie. In many cases the percentage in a tournament can be as much as 35%.

A Golden Opportunity

With this in mind, it stands to reason that smart punters would be putting down money on the tie option. But it simply isn’t the case, with it being by far the least taken option in virtually all games. This means that, in order to generate interest, bookmakers will also drastically inflate the probability, hoping to attract some money to the third, forgotten outcome.

Hence; not only is the tie outcome overlooked, it is also often incredibly overvalued. Taking this into account, there are very reasonable systems that can be put into play, which often result in profit.

Back The Draw System

Backing The Draw simply refers to putting money on tie betting options that are inflated to at least 3/1. Even if only 1 of these bets succeeds, enough profit will still be made to cover the other 2. This means that, given statistics, there is a good chance of coming out on top.

Chasing The Win

Alternatively, the even simpler Martingale System can be applied. A single wager is put on a draw, and if it fails, the next bet, also on a stalemate, is double the initial wager. Eventually a win will be hit, and a profit earned. Of course, caution should be taken in this case, given what a losing streak could potentially mean.