An Overview of Big Wheel Lottery

Big Wheel Lottery

Lotteries in Aruba started round about 1983, with the state lottery being the first one to gain a licence. The state lottery grew in popularity so strongly that a number of other lottery companies popped up in quick succession soon after its launch, one of these was Big Wheel Lottery.

Big Wheel Lottery soon became the favourite lottery company on Aruba, overtaking the state lottery. This was due to a number of factors, one being their willingness and speed at taking themselves online as well as real life. Big Wheel Lottery offers a number of lottery games online, to patrons in various locations all over the world. Not all countries are accepted by Big Wheel Lottery, so should you wish to make use of their services make sure that your region is not prohibited from doing so.

Big Wheel Lottery Rules

Not all of Big Wheel Lottery’s games are available online. Many of them you have to actually go to the island of Aruba and buy a real paper ticket to enter. Which may be a great excuse for an island holiday. Tickets have to be bought from any registered land based shop, or a reputable and registered online store.

Tickets that have been purchased from second hand sources will not be accepted in the draw. Cancelled tickets will also not be allowed to enter the final draw and will result in a win being forfeited. Paper tickets have to be in good condition, and cannot be torn or drawn on or otherwise altered in any way. Winning tickets will only be valid for fourteen days, if you do not claim your prize by then it will be forfeited.

Catochi Lottery Online

Big Wheel Lottery was the first of the Aruba lottery companies to offer the Catochi lottery online. The Catochi lottery is vastly popular with people not only on Aruba but all around the world. Draws take place every day, twice a day and the wins are usually pretty decent. Tickets for a Catochi draw can be bought ten days before the actual draw by anyone who lives in a region that qualifies to play the online lottery.

The Catochi lottery is basically a pick 4 lottery, where you have to choose four numbers from between 0000 and 9999. Once you have chosen your numbers, you have to choose one of four ways that you wish to play the game. These are pick four, last three, back two or back and front respectively. The play options are chosen before the draw, and your ticket and numbers will only win if they match the option chosen. A multi draw feature is also available where the player can play more than one ticket with the same numbers. In other words they can choose more than one play option but still use the same numbers, greatly increasing their chances of winning. The draw for each Catochi lottery takes place on live television twice a day, but of course is broadcast online as well, both on the Big Wheel Lottery website as well as other participating company’s sites.