Australian Rules Football Betting Tips for Newbies

Australian Rules football is, without a doubt, one of the world’s most exciting sports. It is fast-paced and exhilarating, leading to a huge following of millions in the land Down Under. There are few other sports like this one – full contact, often considered brutal, highly athletic and always fun to watch!

To make it even more enjoyable, spectators have been placing bets on the sport for several years. It truly makes for a great sport to bet on, as it is unpredictable and filled with plenty of thrilling moments. If you are considering betting on Australian Rules football, or if you simply wish to apply a bit of strategy to your current betting techniques, take a look at some of our best tips below.

What is Australian Rules football?

Before placing any bets, it is important to fully understand the basics of Australian Rules football. This game is played on an oval-shaped field with two teams of 18. Each team must attempt to score goals (worth six points) by kicking the ball between the goal posts. Players are allowed to kick the ball and pass it by hand, but only where the ball meets the fist (similar to a volleyball serve). If a player has possession of the ball, they are allowed to be tackled.

Australian Rules football is often compared to rugby, but the two sports are actually quite different. The former is actually almost as popular as rugby is, with excellent attendance figures and television ratings. It boasts the fourth highest attendance of any domestic sports league in the world.

Betting tips

Understand the moneyline

In Australian Rules football, the moneyline is referred to as the ‘head to head’. Essentially, bettors simply place their wagers on the team that they believe will win the game, regardless of the margin of victory by which they do so. Due to the fact that the sport is a running game, there can be wild swings in the momentum of each match, which can lead to the moneyline creating a great deal of value to bettors, so pay careful attention to it and make sure you fully understand the odds.

Margin betting is most popular

Margin betting is hugely popular when it comes to Australian Rules football. Because of the regularity of scoring in the game, margins may range from one-point wins through to 10 with additional goal blowouts. For the most part, those placing wagers on this game tend to refer to margins between the two teams based on the number of goals scored and not the number of resulting points.

Line betting

Line betting, also known as the point spread, is a cornerstone of Australian Rules football betting. A team that is favoured to win will give away points, whereas the underdog will be given extra points. Be sure to note which teams are favourites and which ones are underdogs, as this will go a long way in helping you make the best possible betting decisions and could help you up your strategy.