A Guide to Experiencing Poker Hold’em on iPad

It is no surprise that Texas Hold’em is one of the most played forms of poker all over the world, and its popularity is not solely due to the high-profile televised tournaments that make it more visible than other forms of poker. By employing pool cards on the table, which can strengthen each player’s hand but can also be read in conjunction with the betting as clues to the cards their opponents hold, this poker variant adds another layer to the betting and bluffing.

As mobile casinos and software developers bring out more and more games tailored for mobile devices, iPad owners can get an increasing number of iPad poker Hold’em apps to download. These allow them to enjoy iPad Hold’em poker games anywhere, anytime. The large screen and touchscreen controls of the iPad, along with superb visuals and sound, make it an ideal device for multiplayer Hold’em poker play. Here is a list of some top iPad poker Hold’em apps players might want to try:

Texas Holdem Poker by GeaxGame Inc

An iPad poker Hold’em app that will play on the iPhone as well, GeaxGame’s Texas Holdem Poker is an app that also allows players to play free, for credits only. It allows players to choose avatars and share live chat in-game. Its layout and gameplay help even beginners learn the basics of Hold’em quickly, but it will entertain experts as well.

Texas Hold’em by Yiihua

Beautiful design and realistic sound effects make play quite immersive on this iPad poker Hold’em app. Players can live chat with opponents online, and the scoreboard keeps everything fiercely competitive.

Texas Holdem Poker Free by Viaden

This is an iPad poker Hold’em app with beautiful graphics, designed more for social, fun poker play than the hard-nosed poker experts. Its two most attractive features are the ability to create private table games with friends, and the ability of players to table-jump to a new deal the moment they fold a hand.

Insta Poker Coach Texas Holdem

This is a great iPad poker Hold’em app for beginners, as it provides constant coaching during play. This includes feedback to the player after every bet or card, including lessons on how to calculate the changing odds as the pool cards are dealt.

Zynga Poker

With more than 6-million players around the world, Zynga is the largest poker site on the planet. The Zynga Poker iPad poker Hold’em app awards players 20,000 free chips for signing up with the site. It is a good app on which to learn to play Hold’em poker, but the possibility of playing for real-money winnings also makes it attractive to serious poker players.

PokerStars Net Poker

Cash games, Sit-and-Gos and multi-table games, along with 24-hour customer support, make the PokerStar’s site’s iPad poker Hold’em app popular among serious poker players. It allows real-money players who have an account with the site to log in seamlessly from their iPads.

The titles listed above are just six of the dozens of iPad poker Hold’em apps available. A search will reveal plenty more to download for free, allowing players to try out a whole range of apps until they can settle on their favourites.