Leagues of Fortune Online Slots Review

Delve leagues beneath the surface of the sea and into the heart of the ocean to see if you can find the sunken treasure chests of old. Leagues of Fortune video slots is a slots game that is made specifically for those that are fond of the stories about Captain Nemo and his journey under the sea. The theme is underwater treasure and all the dangers that come with hunting for it.

Leagues of Fortune is easy to pick up and play if you are familiar with online slots game, but it does have one feature that stands out – The number of pay lines. With Leagues of Fortune, you will find more winning possibilities than ever before, a total of 1024 possible pay lines, or “ways to win”.

An Underwater Theme

The music, sound effects and graphics all lean towards a nautical theme. Expect to see symbols with a ship’s captain, an underwater diver in a diving suit, a giant squid and a few treasure chests to mix things up. Along with these symbols, you will find the usual high cards ranging from the nine all the way up to the King.

Bonus Symbols

The game also houses a wild and a scatter symbol. The Wild symbol is represented by the Leagues of Fortune slots logo, while the Scatter symbol is represented by the treasure chest brimming with gold.

The wild symbol can replace any other symbol in order to help the player achieve a winning combination, like most other mobile real money slots Australia games. However the scatter symbol unlocks the free spins bonus feature of the Leagues of Fortune slots game. The number of free spins is different each time and can range from 6 free spins up to 35 free spins.

Free Spins

Once the bonus feature is activated, a giant octopus tentacle begins trying to catch an underwater vessel that motors by your screen. Each time the octopus misses the submarine, it smashes a reel symbol revealing a random number of free spins. Add up all the free spins from all the smashed symbols to see how many free spins you have won.

Your Gamble Feature

Another unique feature of the Leagues of Fortune slots game is the “your gamble” feature. Once you have achieved a winning combination and you are ready to collect your winnings, you have the option to engage in the “your gamble” feature. In this you have the decision to choose your own gambling odds, to see if you can increase your winning amount even further. If you don’t feel like gambling with your winnings, then you also have the option to opt out and simply collect what is owed.

You are able to customise your winning wager based on the amount of risk you are willing to undertake. For those who wish to enjoy this feature but don’t want to gamble with all the winnings, can opt to gamble with only half their winning amount while the other half is kept safe.