Neon Staxx Video Slots Game

80’s Electro Pop is back. Online Slots developer NetEnt has created a new slots game that encompasses that neon feel of 80’s glam rock mixed with Tron styled neon lighting. The new game is aptly named Neon Staxx and while it embraces the 80’s feel from the graphics to the music, it is done very stylishly and with an ultra-modern feel that is both refreshing and beautiful.

What is Neon Staxx?

Essentially the game is a 4 row, 5 reel slots game that houses up to 40 pay lines and encompasses an 80’s retro feel. The game also improves on standard modern day slots games with modern animations, crystal clear graphics, an abundance of neon colour and boasts a 96.9% pay back percentage.

The game of Neon Staxx is not so different from normal slots games that it is not easily picked up and played. The standard 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace symbols are present. The rest of the symbols are called “Predator” symbols and make up 4 prominent predators from nature – the Snake, the Eagle, the Panther and of course the king of the jungle… the Lion.

Coin sizes vary from 0.01 to 0.50 and you have the option to play anything from 1 to 10 coins on each line. This provides a massive betting range to allow low stakes players and those that play for higher stakes to both enjoy the game.

The Super Staxx Feature

The main attraction of Neon Staxx is the ‘Super Staxx’ feature. The feature triggers randomly and often when you least expect it. When the feature begins, it turns one or more reels into stacked reels with a randomly chosen symbol from the “Predator symbols” list. Several stacked reels in this feature can equal quite a substantial pay out

Wild Cards and Free Spins

Most of the other features are familiar features found in most online slots games today. The wild card (like most wild cards in video slots), can replace any other symbol on the reels in order to help complete a winning line or winning combination. This increases your chance of winning quite significantly and can add tremendously to the quality of gameplay.

The scatter symbols also function in a familiar manner. Land 3 scatter symbols across any of the reels and you will unlock the free spins bonus game feature. On the other hand if you land 4 scatter symbols you will unlock 15 free spins and if you land 5 scatters, you get to play 20 free spins. A unique feature of Neon Staxx is that stacked symbols can still show up on the reels during a free spins bonus round game.

Neon Staxx for Mobile

Neon Staxx maintains the modern feel by offering a mobile version of the game that is uniquely designed to work with a touch screen and make use of other mobile smart phone and tablet features. The game plays well on the mobile platform and is compatible with most smartphones and tablets.