Pieces Of 8 Slot Wins Pirate Loot

Graceful palms curve from the beach out over the water of an azure sunlit lagoon. To the left, the island curves away to a seaward bluff. To the right, the bay stretches to the horizon, a pirate ship anchored close to shore. The enticing artwork includes a reflection of the ship, shimmering in the lagoon. This is the backdrop to the IGT online video slot title Pieces Of 8.

Between the ship and the palms, the five reels are propped up on a pile of wooden flotsam weathered by the elements. The Pieces Of 8 reels themselves are transparent, spinning against a large parchment map of the world and its half-explored oceans. The pirate theme continues into the reels’ ornate metal frame, decorated with cutlasses and skull motifs.

Bet up to 250 Coins per Spin

Before Pieces Of 8 players can try their luck at unearthing the pirate treasures buried on this remote tropical island, they need to set their wagers. The 25 paylines in Pieces Of 8 are adjustable, so the player can choose to engage any number from 1 to 20. They can also wager any number of coins per payline from 1 to 10, making for a maximum total bet of 250 coins per spin, and a minimum of 25.

The biggest wins come from rare combinations, of course, so long-term play is the key to triggering the top wins occasionally, and players should budget accordingly. Prizes mentioned below are based on a 1 coin per payline bet; they must be multiplied by the number of coins wagered per line to reveal the actual prize for any combo.

Top Symbols Pay Two-Match Wins

All nine payline symbols in Pieces Of 8 are related to the theme, and the five with lower values require three matches or better on the same payline, running from Reel 1 on consecutive reels. The anchor, ship’s wheel, telescope, compass and crossed cutlasses all pay attractive returns for five of a kind: in order of increasing value, the prizes are 100, 150, 200, 250 and 300 coins for each of the five symbols, respectively.

The four higher-paying symbols, a brace of crossed pistols, the pirate captain’s parrot, a Jolly Roger flag and the comical ship’s mate, require only two or more matching symbols to win. Prizes for two of a kind are more like consolation prizes, though, being worth only 5 or 10 coins. Decent returns kick in at the four-of-a-kind level, and for five matches, the four symbols win 400, 500, 2,000 or 10,000 coins, respectively.

Extras and Animations

The skull-and-crossbones flag, the mate, the parrot, the pirate Captain who is the Pieces Of 8 Wild icon and the ship’s cannon that serves as its free spins Scatter, also come to life with brief animations and sound effects when they feature in a win. If three, four of five cannons occur in any spots on the reels, the player gets a round of 10, 20 or 30 free spins. These are played on the same reels, although the backdrop changes from daytime to a spectacular sunset.

The final Pieces Of 8 icon is a treasure chest, which is also a Scatter. Three chests will trigger the Pick a Chest bonus game. A new beach with a variety of bound chests appears, and players must choose chests to reveal the prizes within. These are all proportional to the size of the player’s wager that triggered the round.