A Guide to Trying out Poker Pursuit at Online Casino

Poker Pursuit is an online poker variant. This title is specifically designed for single player poker. You are not playing against the house or other player. You simply attempt to get the best possible hand and make the right wagers at the right time. Poker Pursuit is currently available on multiple online casino sites. Poker Pursuit is available for in browser play as it works via Flash software. This means that you will be able to play a solo game of Poker Pursuit wherever you go.

Play Poker Pursuit on the Go

Online Casino Poker Pursuit is not just fully mobile compatible, but it can be played for real money. Simply register a profile with an online casino, choose one of the multiple ways to make cash deposits or withdrawals online and start making cash wagers.

How to Play Poker Pursuit

Poker Pursuit is played with a standard 52 card deck of cards. In online casino Poker Pursuit, the game features a Random Number Generator in the title’s software that allows the deck to be shuffled appropriately. To start playing, you must first place a wager using Poker Pursuit’s in game coins. Once you have made a wager, play begins. You will now be dealt three cards, face up. Now the next rounded commences, you can either click on the raise button, which will allow you to wager additional coins, or you can click on the call button that will keep your hand at the current wager. It is handy to note that since you won’t get more than two more opportunities to raise your wager, you must think carefully about your wagers during the early stages of the game.

After this the fourth card is dealt, again face up. You can again call or raise your wager during this phase. Finally the fifth and final card is dealt that you can make a 5 card hand with. Because you are not playing against the house or another player, your winnings are scaled according to the odds of your hands. You need a pair of tens at least to make your wager back. A pair of tens will pay out at a 1:1 ratio. Two pairs will pay out 1:2. Three of a kind is a 1:3 ratio. The Straight, Flush and Full house are 1:5, 1:8 and 1:11 respectively. 4 of a kind will pay out 1:49; a straight flush is going at 1:199 with the royal flush paying out at 1:999

Poker Pursuit for Real Money Play

Poker Pursuit is a great single player poker experience that can be more rewarding than other online casino titles. Since it does not have that competitive and stressful atmosphere of a live poker table, it can be a more enjoyable experience. Online casino Poker Pursuit can also mean cash prizes if you choose to start making real money wagers.

Online casinos make these transactions in the safest ways possible so you can be assured that your deposits and withdrawals happen in a safe and secure fashion. Online Casino’s will usually have a preferred payment method, like https://onlinecasinoindia.co.in/mastercard/, so make sure to first do your online casino research before you start playing Poker Pursuit for real money.