Understanding the Basics of Bonuses & Jackpots

There is no denying that online casinos are incredibly popular. They have been for years, and they are likely to stay that way. In New Zealand alone, there are thousands of players, each of whom is testament to the fact that the hobby is one that is often enjoyed. And what’s there not to love? For one, it is incredibly convenient, as players are able to play all of their favourite games wherever they are, whenever they want to.

Secondly, there is always a wealth of new games to choose from, meaning that players will never get bored or tire of the games on offer. Thirdly, online casino bonuses are handed out fairly often, making games extra exciting and unpredictable. But whether you’re an old hat at online casino games, or you’re still testing the waters and figuring out whether or not it’s for you, knowing as much terminology as possible is key. Take a look at the definitions for some of the most important terms you need to know.

Online Casino Bonuses

These are exactly what you want. New Zealand’s leading online casinos mainly use these as incentives to get real money players to sign up. This could either take the form as a percentage of the money you initially put down in order to play, or it can take the form of credit added to your account. Every now and then, online casino bonuses also present themselves as extra plays in a game.

High Rollers

High rollers form a small portion of New Zealand’s online casino playing community. While online casino bonuses are more than enough for many of us to be able to enjoy the games we play, high rollers are known to take bigger risks. The term “high roller” refers to a player who generally barters larger sums of money with casino slots NZ in the hopes of winning much, much bigger prizes, more so than the average player would usually do.


The term “matchplay” is another term that players in New Zealand want to see flash across their screens. In general, a matchplay refers to what the casino will give you in exchange for you playing. If your online casino bonus is a 50% matchplay, it means that the casino will give you half of your deposit to play with. This percentage varies from casino to casino, with many of them even offering 100% matchplay bonuses.

Progressive Jackpots

New Zealand has a number of notable progressive jackpots. The term itself refers to money accumulated by various players across a number of games. The payout usually happens when players least expect it, thus adding to the fun and excitement of the game.

Knowing and understanding the terminologies used in online casino games is extremely important. As a player in New Zealand, it is important to know exactly what online casinos are talking about, from online casino bonuses to progressive jackpots, as it means you will be able to make the most of any playing experience. Start learning now so you can play and win big!